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Helen Cassidy

Helen Cassidy

Dip Art & Design, Bath Academy of Art, Wiltshire.

Helen has had a passion for drawing and sketching from an early age, but only started painting in the 1990s.

She sketches and draws every day which she finds absorbing and often uses as starting points for her paintings. She mainly work in acrylics but also enjoy soft pastels and oils.

She is always looking for a change in direction so not to get into the trap of being labelled with one particular style.  She will continue to paint the subjects that delight and excite her, mostly landscapes and waterscapes, but variety is the spice of life, so she experiments with different approaches in putting ideas down onto canvas or paper. Adding texture and collage to her work has given another dimension to some of her recent work.

Some of her latest works are smaller landscapes in oils and these along with some of her sketch books will be on view at the gallery.